A portrait of Mark Dane. He has a beard

Mark Dane

I make things simple.

A dialog with several input options.

Easier Import

Simplify the import process for a data based application.

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screenshot of dark modern website with yellow accents

Website Redesign

Improving the information architecture and visual appearance.

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a web app with blue shape and white outlines. Large add button in the bottom right and menu button in the upper left.

Blueprint Web App

A mobile, touch-friendly app for mobile gamers

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dashboard containing colorful graphs on gray tiles

Cloud Processing Service

Design of a cloud service app for processing large amounts of data.

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a persona of a woman, photo of her on the left, and truncated text describing her situation on the right

Donation Website

Improving alignment with the user's workflow, and responsive design for phones

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paper floor plan drawings

CAD Drawing Prototype

Accurate drawing in CAD systems on both mobile and desktop devices.

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analytics data in a stacked line graph


Make designers more efficient by providing easier access to analytics and insights.

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a grid of components and controls such as buttons, checkboxes, etc.

Axure Libraries

Supporting a design system and rapid prototyping.

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