Cloud Processing Service

Spring 2015
Design Manager

Focusing on the user

When the design team started on the project the existing application was not aligned to the end user goal of viewing the results of computationally intensive simulations. The main page contained statistics about processing time. Viewing the data generated from the simulations required clicking through several levels of hierarchy.


I worked with the product manager to identify the core concepts in the application. This information was used to produce a site map. It also informed the creation navigation design patterns for the site.

Sketches were made to brainstorm different potential layouts. The team compared notes and decided on which of the sketches were promising enough to move to the next level.

The team created wireframes to document out the interaction concepts we had sketched out earlier. These wireframe diagrams were used later in the process for creating high fidelity comps and an clickable prototype in Axure.

The visual designer applied styling and color to the wireframes to create high fidelity comps. Using these high quality images another designer on the project created an interactive prototype in Axure. This prototype was used to explain the design to the development team.