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Spring 2018
Stategist & Designer


Organizations serving the homeless population often face shortages of specific types of goods, while having an abundance of other types of goods. The goal of the My Brother's Keeper Code for Philly project is to better match the supply of goods to demand.

The Vision

Using stakeholders interviews, I learned about the goals of the project and the challenges. Based on these interviews I created personas and proceeded to documented a user experience vision for the project. The vision included both short term-quick fixes, and longer term strategic goals.

Focusing on the User

In addition to outlining interface objectives, I also shared the personas I created with the team. Giving the team a sense of who is using their product, and what their goals are will help them make decisions that are better aligned to the user's needs.

One of the highlights of the project for me occurred in the initial phases of discovery. I was speaking with Mike, the project lead and subject matter expert, about of who was the intended audience for the app. As we focused in on the users of the app and their situation, he began to see how the app was not aligned to help them achieve their goal.

Mobile-friendly Web App

Making the app usable on mobile devices was part of the long-term vision. To document how this could be accomplished I created low-fidelity wire frames in Inkscape for both the phone and large sized screens. These wire frames were later upgraded in Sketch to high fidelity visuals.