Blueprint Web App

Summer 2018
Designer & Developer


Building large creations in video games can be time consuming. Just as in real life, planning is key. You don’t want to spend several hours creating something only to find out that the last part does not fit.

The existing solutions for planning out creations for the Space Agency mobile game did not work on mobile devices. Often players only had access to phone or tablet and could not run the existing solutions.


I created a planning application for the Space Agency mobile game. This app allows you to verify that all the parts fit together and that the station will have enough power to function. This can be done before spending time in game launching and assembling all the parts.

The blueprint designer app is a web based, touch friendly app. This allows content to be created on any device the game is available on, as well as a desktop computer.

You can view the live version of the web app. It has also been converted to an Android app on Google Play.