Winter 2018
Designer & Developer
## The Challenge The staff on a small team were spending a large several hours a month processing analytics data and it wasn't giving them the insights or answers they were looking for. The existing analytics process was intensive. It took about four hours of manual work to prepare the report. The process started off with running multiple reports, processing the output in Excel, and then combining the results into a PowerPoint presentation. After this processing the team only got answers to some of their questions. The analytics data didn't have enough information to answer all of their questions. ## The Solution I interviewed the team members to determine what questions they hoped to be able to answer with analytics. We also discussed pain points with the existing process. As a result of these discussions, I overhauled the existing analytics to capture much more information including the answers to: * How far do users scroll in the carousel? * Which menu paths are used the most? * What are users searching for? What are they not finding? This data fed into a single Adobe Experience Workspace project. It presented key information on a single page instead of splitting the data across multiple reports. The project also included several new custom dimensions, such as search terms and carousel item index, to provide the answers to the staff's questions. This report was published on a regular basis for the team to access. ## The Outcome With the new analytics code and self-service report, analytics can be accessed in seconds instead of hours. This makes it much easier for the team to answer questions about how people are using their site.